At A-Z Tech Working Relationships Matter

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A-Z Tech believes that its business success relies on strong and productive working relationships between employees and managers, relationships based upon genuine respect, mutual trust, and an objective understanding of one another.

Effective working relationships require the recognition of everyone’s unique individuality while striving to value and gain benefit from those individual differences - rather than leading to misunderstanding, conflict or poor communication.

A-Z Tech uses the Personal Strengths Inventory (PSI) to provide a non-judgmental comparison of employees’ and managers’ individual motivations, strengths and best behaviors. PSI provides a simple everyday language to better understand and accept WHY people think and behave differently. PSI focuses on individual and shared strengths to help employees and managers communicate and collaborate more productively.

The goal of PSI is to eliminate some of the human unknowns that often cause negative judgment, and replace them with a positive non-judgmental relational transparency that improves how people work together.

Coaching Guide

Your Team of Two Report and this intuitive coaching guide will improve your working relationships through greater:

  • Mutual Understanding
  • Collaboration
  • Trust and Respect
  • Shared Success
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Team of Two Report

Use the form above to retrieve your personal PSI Team of Two Report for you and your immediate supervisor or manager to:

  • Focus on any similarities you may share where you will see things the same way and often tend to agree.
  • Then focus on areas where you are different and will likely approach work and establishing priorities differently and may intuitively disagree.
  • Use this powerful insight to have regular and frequent discussions on how you can communicate better, work more effectively together, and become more successful collaborators.

You can also retrieve your personal PSI Team of Two Report for you and anyone else in your company. This is a strong statement of the relational commitment by your organization. Take advantage of this important and very unique opportunity to better understand yourself, your fellow employees, and your company’s leadership. Make it your job to make relationships work.

And finally, please assume personal responsibility for using this unique and reliable information to continuously improve your own individual performance while you contribute more effectively to the overall success of A-Z Tech!